Gisele starred in campaigns for the most important brands in the fashion world. When she began her career, in the mid-90s, a model had to choose between being fashion or commercial. Gisele changed this pattern because she could carry over very well between the two worlds. She was cool and at the same time she stood out in commercial campaigns. Gisele was on the covers and editorials of the most important fashion magazines such as Vogue, W, Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, but also appeared in more conceptual and artistic magazines like BIG, ID, The Face, Rolling Stone…

In a career short-lived, Gisele broke another standard and has been active in the business for over 20 years, becoming the most successful model of all time. More recently, she was the star of the commercial for the most iconic fragrance in the world, Chanel No. 5, and the award-winning campaign, I WILL WHAT I WANT for Under Armour sports brand.


NUMBERS: Gisele has more than 350 campaigns in her portfolio.

In this section you can get a glimpse of some of them.